Military dependent starting the “S**t on the Flag Challenge”

We live in the greatest country in this world but we need to ask ourselves, how much longer will we be able to say that? Many people have fought and even given their life for the right we see so often abused these days— Freedom of Speech.

I believe that this is one of the most important Freedoms we have in this country and that is probably also the reason why it is the 1. Amendment of the American Constitution and part of the “Bill of Rights“.

But how far are we going to take this right? How much longer are we going to stand still and watch people abuse this right and insult those who provide that freedom by putting their lives on the line. Are we just going to let them stomp on our Flag and insult our Troops by calling them “welfare whores?”

Here is an example of what is going on in this country. This woman created a challenge called “Shit on the Flag” challenge.  In the social media she goes by Nocturnus Libertus or also by Shakina McGrone. Her real name though is more like Sierra McGrone. She is a Military Dependent as you can read in this article written by Allen West. She has been living off the government for her whole live. Almost her entire family has served; her mother is or was a Sergeant First Class in the Army and her brother and three cousins are serving now.

Shanika McGrone

Here is a link to the Popular Military website who also took notice of McGrone’s disgraceful actions.

She hates this country and our troops so much that she would do anything and I mean anything to disrespect those who provide the very freedom that allows her to things like you see in this picture. She has a Facebook page on which she promotes anti-American propaganda and she thinks the only solution to the problem is to have no government anymore in this country. She has the ridiculous idea that it is the American Governments responsibility to provide for her but they only steal from her, yes that’s what she said … read this:

Sierra McGrone calling our troops "Welfare Whores"

So she basically calls her own family welfare whores while she is the biggest one of them all.

But we are not the only ones who think that this is wrong, watch this video from Steven Haffley.


And to top if off, she stole the identity from the real Shanika McGrone, read here for more details.

Why is this woman not arrested yet?

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