Is Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign over?

Hillary ClintonWashington — Yesterday the FBI seizes Hillary Clinton’s email server, finally giving in to months of requests to turn over her private email server. Clinton repeatedly said that nobody will get access to her private email server.  After months of denying that any classified email has ever gone through her private server, Clinton finally relented and told her aids to hand over her server to the Department of Justice.

The server was turned over hours after the Inspector General, I. Charles McCullough III, had released the information that at least 2 emails which are considered “Top Secret” have been found on Clinton’s private server. Fox News learned from a source that familiar with the investigation that the two email in question contained operational and geospatial intelligence from the CIA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which produces satellite images.

What is disturbing for me is that Mrs. Clinton, despite the overwhelming and damning evidence, is still walking free and has not been taken in custody yet. Others have been cuffed and incarcerated for lesser crimes. Mrs. Clinton has jeopardized the security and safety of this country and of every American citizen and is still enjoying her freedom. What will it take to have Mrs. Clinton arrested and charged with the crimes she committed. When will the Clinton Foundation be taken under scrutiny and investigated for the millions of Dollars it received from countries who are known for associate with terrorist organizations such as Hizballah, HAMAS and al-Qa’ida1) to name only a view.

It is time the justice is coming down on this corrupt administration and the control of this country is return the the People.

Source: Fox News
1) Source of names:

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