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WeThePeople_Profile-ImageThis site is for all Americans who believe in truth morality and ethics and responsible government. For the people who believe in the Constitution and the way it was written and not the way it was interpreted and re-interpreted by overpaid lawyers.

It is for Freedom and the men and women who sacrificed, for the flag, It is for the people who died in a Church and were quickly forgotten because of political correctness. It is for people who believe the government should not interfere in people’s lives and choices. It is for all the people who believe in a greater power than themselves.

I’m trying to promote a million person march and I need YOUR help. I know a lot of people that can get this off the ground but I will need your help as well.

Please feel free to share this group to everyone!!!

It’s time we take a stand for what we believe in.

We don’t have to worry about other countries taking us down we are doing a fine job destroying it ourselves.

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